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HoboNation Patch Notes 1.12 (7/2)

  • Added random spawning treasure chests with epic loot! /tre help for more help with commands
  • Disable electrya flying
  • Disabled 1.9 health and food regen *OLD 1.8 GG*
  • Optimized combat a little more *When hitting someone from behind while running it will register*
  • You can now craft notch apples
  • Disable soups

HoboNation Patch Notes 1.11 (7/1)

  • End has been resetted
  • Fixed wild tp

HoboNation Patch Notes 1.10 (6/29)

  • New Wave 1 Crates! Windketsu, speedforce, superman cape, and more can be obtainable in Wave 1 Crates!
  • Treasure goblins now have a 10% to drop Wave 1 crates X2

HoboNation Patch Notes 1.9 (6/27)

  • Fixed /dice
  • Mobs now drop money!
  • Added /f top
  • 1.8 Combat Mechanics!

HoboNation Patch Notes 1.8 (6/13)

  • Added /dice to gamble with other players
  • New Fun Plugin type /cc ingame!
  • Some bug fixes and performance increase

HoboNation Patch Notes 1.7 DYNMAP UPDATE!!! (6/7)

  • Added dynmap (Use toolbar on the website to navigate to map)
  • You can now drink health potions instantly!
  • Added insta soup (1 heart)
  • Hobo Mine Crates Now Give $300 instead of $100
  • Increased chance of getting higher money rolls in the hobo crates
  • Added Creeper Egg to shop for raiding
  • Made tnt cheaper

HoboNation Patch Notes 1.6 (6/7)

  • Decreased Egg Price to $2.50
  • Increased melon and pumpkin prices
  • New donation item! Enchanted Hobo Bonds which give 4x as much as regular bonds
  • You can now destroy obsidian and enchantment tables with tnt
  • Removed slot machines
  • Added /warp tntrun
  • New super weapons

HoboNation Patch Notes 1.5 (6/2)

  • Fixed TnT not destroying blocks on explosion
  • Fixed not being able to eat while being hit
  • Increased egg price to $4.50
  • Increased wheat price to $4.45
  • Increased cactus and sugar cane prices by $1
  • In ct you can now build
  • Treasure Goblin now drops items on death instead of per hit
  • Added /sell support for mob drops

HoboNation Patch Notes 1.4 (6/1)

  • New warp pvp
  • You can now break the bottom of trees to make the whole tree fall
  • Added more items to /warp shop
  • Added Scratcher cards
  • Buffed Swords in McMMO

HoboNation Patch Notes 1.3 (5/25)

  • Removed new enchanting system
  • New spawners (Old spawners do not work)
  • Fixed holy staff fragments (New fragments only)
  • New Dungeon /warp DreadTower
  • New super weapon Frost Axe

HoboNation Patch Notes 1.2 (5/25)

  • NEW ENCHANTING SYSTEM! Type /ce ingame
  • Added shop

HoboNation Patch Notes 1.1 (5.24)

General Fixes:

  • Enabled spawners in all worlds
  • Lowered basic super weapons overall damage
  • Configured certain plugins to improver server's performance and server to client performance
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Server Version 1.9.4

Click the download cracked client in the toolbar for a 1.9.4 compatible client!

Server is now open

- Removed attack speed recharge
Hobonation will be brought back any updates will be posted on this page. I will be working on the website before working on the server to set up a foundation. The forums and everything will be wiped except for donations. (I will be figuring out how past donators will get their donation items as well. Any ideas you have about how this should work is welcomed)

Progress Chart (Updated Continuosly)(Dungeon Progression Not Shown): 


Also any ideas or recomendations torwards the new changes coming to hobonation is also looked at

Upcoming Changes:

Gameplay Update: 

Donator Update:
Multiple /chests depending on your rank!
Past donators will receive keys which will unlock superweapons that are available (New donation packages will not have keys)

Donation Update:
Gold blocks will be removed from the donation packages for balancing 

XxgizmotexX Probably not MixedUser usually warlord donators and up get op weapons.
MixedUser Alien will serph also gets op weapons ??? Testing my luck right now
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