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The server will be updated and will have a entire server wipe.
I have included a 1.8 client download in the directory above but the server will be 1.7 compatible.

HammerTime_54 Alien bring it back bro! I haven't played in so long! I wanna bring Rise back!

Our first major patch since the reset!
We have added some casino slot machines at spawn and fixed some major and minor bugs as well. 

megabigdude Alien come on gimme a pass reset.

Our technicians has found our server node faulty and are changing to a working node.

Tornado95 Alien what the fuck ? can i get this account already stop ignoring my posts man..

Server is experiencing downtime due to recent attacks on our network, our technicians our fixing the issue asap.


We seem to be having some downtime on our Control panel. We appreciate your patience as we investigate.

Our techs believe they have found the issue and are working to resolve it. Will keep you posted.

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